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SRJHC Board Nominee Bios

By Geoff Towle, 04/13/18, 11:30AM PDT


Anne Woida (Incumbent) running for President
Anne Woida has served one term as Club Vice President and then two consecutive terms are Club President (beginning 10 years ago) she then went on to serve as Assistant Tournament Director and Basic's Registrar for one year each, then this past year stepped back in to serve the Club as President again. She has also created a Flyer's Alumni Association which she hopes to build into a successful way to support the SRJHC and fundraise for more college scholarships & financial support for our outgoing seniors.

Anne & Chris Woida came to the Club in 2005 when their son's joined the Basics and then the House programs. Their youngest son went on to play travel and played through until he aged out. Their family is dedicated to the youth engaged in ice hockey and supporting the growth and development of the players, programs and local ice hockey in many ways.

Forever a Flyer!

Michael McCarthy running for Vice President
Michael McCarthy started the 2017-18 season as a Member-at-Large on the Board of Directors. Early in the season the position of Secretary was vacated and Michael was nominated to fill the position. Filling the position of Secretary has proven to be a very rewarding experience for him. Not only could he be a supportive parent in the bleachers, but he could also support the club off the ice. Currently, he has two kids in the club. Nathan will be returning as a 2nd year Mite and Gabe will trying out as a 2nd year Squirt. And if his youngest child has her way, then Sofia will be joining Intro this year! Michael is running for Vice President to help ensure the continued growth and prosperity of the Santa Rosa Junior Hockey Club.

Brigette Paul running for Secretary
Bridget Paul is running for the position of Secretary. She is entering her fifth year with the club (wow, time flies!) and has been on the board as Activities Director and Vice President. She admires how hockey creates a continuous learning curve, as she is a lifelong learner. She is readily available bopping around the rink with big curly hair and an open mind. Bridget Paul is running for secretary. She will take notes, you write in your votes!

Diane Blakeslee (Incumbent) running for Treasurer

Rebekah Heinze running for Registrar
Rebekah Heinze has two children in the club. Her son, August, plays travel in the PeeWee division and her daughter, Addy, plays on the house team. Rebekah stumbled upon hockey about three years ago when her son started playing and has never looked back. She loves watching all the kids learn and grow as players and loves the passion so many people have for hockey.  While not currently on the board, she loves to help out in whatever capacity she can. She works in accounting and budget which requires adhering to deadlines, compliance with laws, and attention to detail, and feels that the registrar position will be a good fit for her. She looks forward to working with all the many people - coaches, board members, and other volunteers, who put so much time and dedication into our club.

Kevin McCallum (Incumbent) running for Scheduler
Kevin McCallum is a current board member, holding the position of Scheduler.  His son Gordon was a Flyers player for 12 years who played 2 years at every travel level from Mites to High School Varsity, before graduating to play college hockey in Washington. This is Kevin's 3rd year as scheduler, and he hopes to serve one more year on the board.  He has also served as a team manager for the past 7 seasons. Kevin works as a Computer Systems Engineer for a software company in Petaluma, and has been in System Administration for over 25 years. He has used that work experience to develop spreadsheet algorithms for maintaining the club ice schedule and online calendar.  Kevin believes hockey and other youth sports played a huge part in making his two sons into the men they are today, and he cannot envision a time in his future that he's not volunteering for the club and the WCFO in some capacity.

Thomas Henderson running for Equipment Director
Tom Henderson is running for the position of Equipment Director of the club. He is the parent of a soon to be first year Peewee goalie. This will be his second year within the club and he looks forward to the opportunity to help out with the successful growth of our hockey kids. He hopes to secure this position and help to make the upcoming season a great success for kids and parents alike.

Tournament Director
This is a vacant position, waiting for your talents! Become involved, bring your voice and experience to enrich the club. Write your name, or someone else’s, in!

Assistant Tournament Director
This is a vacant position, waiting for your talents! Become involved, bring your voice and experience to enrich the club. Write your name, or someone else’s, in!

Stacey Powell running for Special Events / Fundraising
Stacy Powell, was introduced to the Flyers Family four years ago when her daughter, Abby, stepped onto the ice for the first time. Since then, she has watched her grow as a player, teammate and member of a group whose sum is much greater than its individual parts. She is  looking forward to giving back a portion of the time and energy to the club, which has been extended to her family.

Heather Topham running for Communications Director
Heather Topham is a current board member in the position of Assistant Tournament Director. Her son, Matthew, is in his fourth year with the club and will be trying out as a first year PeeWee for the 2018-2019 season. She jumped "on board" halfway through the current season and, not being much of a party planner, wants to continue on the board as Communications Director, which better suits her talents. She works at a high school as the Student Information Systems technician. She loves the passion of the club and wants to be involved in day-to-day operations as well as any long term evolutions to better an already great club.

Rebecca Henderson running for Hockey Registrar for Intro to Hockey - Memeber-at-Large
Rebecca Henderson is currently on the board of directors as the Tournament Director and has been the Team Manager for the second year in a row now. She would like to return to the board next season as the Intro Coordinator. Her son Jackson started out in Intro 5 years ago and next season will be three years as a travel player. Rebecca works as a full time medical biller at a non-profit pediatric surgery center so she enjoys being able to be so involved in Jackson's second family, the club.

Kevin Hale running for Learn to Play / House Coordinator
Kevin Hale began playing hockey in the Flyers house program in 1994. He went on to play two seasons of Midget hockey and played for the Santa Rosa Junior College team for three seasons. He coached Peewee hockey for two seasons, helping them win Norcals and finish second in the state in 2002. He currently plays in the Snoopy adult hockey league. His son, Kayden, started  playing in the intro program in 2017 and is hoping to join the house team for the 2018-2019 season. Kevin helped coach Cal Ripken baseball in Rohnert Park for the last five seasons and is now making the move from baseball to hockey and hoping to join the House program as both a coach and as the House Coordinator for 2018-2019

Chris Woida (Incumbent)  running for SafeSport Coordinator
Chris and Anne Woida started with the Santa Rosa Flyers in 2005 with their sons, Casey and Jack Woida, in Basics. Chris coached Basic & House, and was an assisstant coach for the 16U Midgets. He became a IHONC official in 2007. Chris is currently the Flyer's Goalie Coach, and has held that role since 2014 (the position he plays himself). He is currently the Intro head coach. In 2011, he joined the Board as Equipment Director, the position he still holds. He stepped in as interim SafeSports coordinator 3/4 of the way into the 2017-2018 season.  He believes one important aspect of this position is to help keep kids safe and provide a neutral way for parents and players to talk about what it means to have a safe place to play hockey. Chris is a self employed entrepreneur who feels it is beneficial having a Hockey coach on the Executive Board. He was the instigator of the student coaching program for the Santa Rosa Flyers, a first of its kind. He has a deep passion for youth players and truly believes  hockey is for everyone.

Jennifer Krug (Incumbent) running for Community Service Coordinator
Jennifer Krug is a current board member, in the position of Community Service Coordinator, a newly created seat on the board. She worked this past season to develop more awareness around community service in our club. She oversaw: creation of a community service logo, a community service web page added to club website, and a new community service award. If re-elected, she looks forward to continuing to encourage and recognize community service throughout the club. Her son David Krug is a Bantam Goalie. The club has given him so much, she wants to give back. Jennifer owns Krug Consulting, and works as an HR consultant.  

Mike Converse (Incumbent) running for  High School Coordinator / Member-at-Large
Mike Converse is a current board member in the position of high school coordinator. Mr. Converse has been a teacher for 23 years and teaches biology and physical science at Piner High School. He can also be found on Thursday nights playing with the Bronze Centennials in the Snoopy Adult Hockey League. While keeping up with changing NorCal and CAHA requirements, Mr. Converse also wishes to use his education background to reach out to area high schools and get more kids interested in hockey as well as to provide STEM curriculum around the game.

Torrey Penney (Incumbent) running for Member-at-Large

This is a vacant position, waiting for your talents! Become involved, bring your voice and experience to enrich the club. Write your name, or someone else’s, in!