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The Registration "House" is not currently available.


The House program is an intermediate hockey program for children 10-17 years of age. The program is designed to help your child grow as a hockey player and develop their skills so they can move on to a travel team if they would like. It is also for families who may not be ready for travel and just want to keep playing hockey on a weekly basis. We will continue to work with your child to better enhance their skating, stick handling, passing and shooting skills. The House program works on small area drills and incorporates the entire rink on many of our drills. Players will learn positioning, teamwork and the basic rules of the game so they can reach their personal goals. House is a great place for the player who loves the game and is ready and willing to learn.

What is the difference between Intro to Hockey and the House Program?

Intro is just that: an introduction to hockey. There are no pre-requisites for the Intro program.

The House program requires the player to be able to show the ability to skate forwards, backwards and be able to apply a controlled hockey stop.

In addition to the House program SRJHC encourages use of Snoopy’s public skate sessions as well as paid skating programs. Information on Snoopy’s Home Ice skating programs can be found on their website


 Required Equipment

• Certified Helmet

• Gloves

• Shin pads

• Elbow pads

• Breezers

• Shoulder pads

• Skates

• Stick

• Cup

• Practice Jersey

• Hockey socks

Recommended Equipment

• Hockey bag

• Mouth guard

Practices and games

Practices will be held on Saturdays from 0730-0845 (approx. 75 minutes). Please see calendar below for dates and times (can be subject to change.) We understand you have busy schedules; unfortunately we cannot offer prorated or makeup classes. This program is intended to get your family prepared for the commitment of a travel team. We encourage your child to be at every practice and suited up ready to play five minutes before ice time. We will also be working towards scheduling some games for the children to play so having them practice together as a team every week will help us better prepare for these games.

The House program is designed to maximize player skill development, while reducing parental costs and player burnout. The House team is not a travel program, but some travel between associations is a possibility. For example, an exhibition game may take place in a different city. Traveling to another rink will help your child get the experience of being on a travel team and playing in a real game, which can be a lot of fun and help develop their skills even further.

Ready for house hockey?

If you are excited to get the house season started or want to be contacted once house begins, please pre-registered on the link below.  Once we have a start day, we will contact you!

The Registration "House" is not currently available.

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