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What is travel prep?


Travel prep is for players who did not make the travel teams after the 2023 tryouts and practice players for travel for this 2023-2024 season. It is also open to all players who did not tryout but have the advanced hockey skills that travel would require.

The practices will be more like travel practices with the same expectations as if your player is on a travel team. 

This is only open to the 12U, 14U and HS age groups.


  • Travel Prep - Saturday and Sunday


  • Fall Session (18 weeks)
    • Travel Prep - August 19th to December 17th
  • Spring Session (18 weeks)
    • Travel Prep - January 6th to May 19th

No practices on the weekends of Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, President's Day, the Crystalline Classic (Spring), and the Snoopy's Senior Tournament (July).





Fall, 16 Week Session:

  • $700 - two days a week - 32 touches.

Registration Open NOW!

How do I register my child?

1: Your child must have an active USA Hockey registration to play at any level.

2: Complete the online registration for House hockey on this page.


Kevin Hale

House and Travel Prep Coordinator

Phone: 707-235-1353

House players leaning over the boards from the bench watching gameplay.
Team photo - winter 2022

Will there be games:

We will work on adding games for the travel prep program. This is something that is still in the works but will be figured out as our season progresses.

Makeup Practices

We understand you have busy schedules; unfortunately, we cannot offer prorated or makeup classes. We encourage your child to be at every practice and suited up ready to play five to ten minutes before ice time. 


 Required Equipment / Uniform
• Black Certified Hockey Helmet with face shield or cage
• Black Hockey Gloves
• Black Breezers (hockey pants)
           DO NOT replace your helmet, gloves, and breezers (ice hockey pants) if they are not black.
           When buying new equipment please purchase black only
• Black, White, and Orange Flyers Practice Jerseys (provided for a fee)
•Hockey socks (available for a fee)
• Shin pads
• Elbow pads
• Shoulder pads
• Skates
• Stick
• Athletic supporter with cup or pelvic protector
• Hockey bag
• Mouth guard