Intro To Hockey

Registration Open for Spring Session Two!

Intro To Hockey - Ages 5 and Up

Chris Woida

Head Coach


Kyle Ferguson

Intro Coordinator

Welcome to Intro to Hockey!

Intro to Hockey is a great place for youth to learn how to play ice hockey. Our program features non-contact classes and is designed for anyone who wants to work on their hockey fundamentals. Ages five (5) and up are welcomed, provided they have the ability to skate on their own, and there are no safety concerns expressed by the coaching staff. It is fun, safe, and we will get your player zipping around the ice in no time!

Everyone Can Play!

The Santa Rosa Flyers strongly believe that everyone can play hockey. Our mission is to grow the passion of hockey in everyone who is interested. Sometimes different abled kids learn differently. If your player has any special learning needs that need to be met in order to be successful in hockey please call Coach Woida before completing the registration in order to discuss how to ensure their success.

Volunteering On The Ice

Experienced hockey players who are interested in helping on ice need to register with the club as a volunteer BEFORE taking the ice for any practices.

Once you have completed the volunteer requirements and registration including background check and SafeSport please reach out to Coach Chris.

Summer Intro runs from June 2nd to August 4th.

There are no practices on August 14th or 21st due to the Snoopy's Senior Tournament. We encourage you to come watch some games!

The cost is $200.

USA Hockey Membership

All players must have a current years' USA hockey number which can be obtained here:

***Please note, new USA hockey numbers are available April 1st of each year. It is best to wait until then to purchase this number. Intro does not fill up; there will be space after April 1st to register

Existing players and new players over 10 should register for Intro to Hockey. If your player is new and between 5 and 9 we recommend starting with Little Sharks Learn to Play then joining Intro to Hockey after Little Sharks.

Questions About Intro To Hockey?

For questions regarding new players please include the following information in your contact form for each new skater.

  • Player's name
  • Player's age
  • Player's skating ability

If you have any questions about your child's skating requirements for intro please contact Coach Chris Woida at 707-272-3451. We recommend a quick call with the coach to assess your child’s skill level and determine the best place for them in Intro.

If you have any questions about the Intro to Hockey program, registration or schedule, please contact the Coordinator at

Kyle Ferguson

Intro Coordinator

Program Progression

What is the difference between Intro to Hockey and the House program?

Intro is just that: an introduction to hockey. It is the starting point for children who already know how to ice skate and are now wanting to play hockey. 

The House program requires the player to be able to show the ability to skate forwards, backwards, do crossovers and be able to apply a controlled hockey stop.

In addition to the House program, the SRJHC encourages the children to take advantage of Snoopy’s public skate sessions, as well as their skating program. Information on Snoopy’s Home Ice skating programs can be found here:


Every player is different and our club strives to give each kid the best possible hockey journey for their interest and skill level. That being said, what happens after Intro to hockey is different depending on your child's age, ability, interest and time of the year. 

The average Intro to hockey player spends about 3 sessions (24 weeks) in Intro to hockey before they are ready to 'graduate'. This of course depends on many things. More ice time (public skate, skating lessons, etc), the faster the player will develop.  At the end of each session, we have coaches evaluate kids to see if they are ready to move out of Intro to Hockey. If you feel like your child is ready for more hockey, please contact the coordinator around the 5th or 6th practice of the session so we can be sure to evaluate your player. After the coaches evaluate the player, they will recommend which program is best for them.





Mites are a travel team for kids who are 8 years old or younger. They do not travel as much as the older kids, and play cross ice games.




Our House Program is for kids who are age 9-17 who are ready to move out of Intro, but either don't want the time commitment of Travel Hockey, or it is the wrong time of the year to join a Travel team.





The Travel Hockey season usually runs from August to March. Travel tryouts move around depending on our governing board who's website can be found here: but usually are held in June.

For more information, reach out to Kyle Ferguson via

Summer 2024

Summer Intro will run from June 2nd through August 4th.

There will be no practices the weekends of July 14th, or July 21st.

Session cost: $200.


Intro Gear Purchase



In order to participate in Intro to Hockey each player needs at minimum a:
>> Black hockey helmet with cage (HECC certified)
>> Hockey stick
>> Black hockey gloves
>> Hockey skates

* If you already have non-black helmet, gloves, or breezers (ice hockey pants) do not replace them. If you do buy new gear please purchase black only.

We recommend also wearing:
>> Knee pads or hockey shin pads covered with hockey socks
>> Elbow pads

We offer an introductory gear package for purchase that includes a hockey stick, hockey gloves, and hockey helmet with cage. The gear package is $90 and can be purchased as part of the registration form. Any purchased gear can be picked up at the rink at 6:30am before your first session.

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